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About Us

The institute’s research team of scholars provides the capability to develop effective solutions to complex problems confronting public and private organizations. The research team conducts ongoing research in a wide array of areas related to logistics and transportation ranging from the modeling and simulation of logistics systems, transportation planning and management, the application of geographic information systems, economic impact studies, site selection, vehicle routing, technology development and application, and the engineering of responsive and sustainable systems.

Jim McNatt Institute Scholars

  • Dr. Michael Bomba, Research Associate Professor, Marketing & Logistics
  • Dr. Bill Buckles, Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Dr. Michael Carroll, Professor, Economics
  • Mr. Jose Grimaldo, Assistant Director III, Business Dean's Office
  • Dr. Seock-Jin Hong, Assistant Professor, Marketing & Logistics
  • Dr. Yan Huang, Associate Dean, Engineering Dean's Office
  • Dr. Shailesh Kulkarni, Professor, Information Technology & Decision Science
  • Dr. Bin Mai, Assistant Professor, Information Technology & Decision Science
  • Dr. Ila Manuj, Associate Professor, Marketing & Logistics
  • Dr. Armin Mikler, Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Dr. David Molina, Chair, Economics
  • Dr. David Nowicki, Associate Professor, Marketing & Logistics/Engineering Technology
  • Dr. Terrance L. Pohlen, Assistant Dean, Business Dean's Office
  • Dr. Wesley Randall, Associate Professor, Marketing & Logistics
  • Dr. Murray Rice, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Dr. Scott Warren, Professor, Learning Technologies
  • Dr. Gary Webb, Professor and Chair, Emergency Management & Disaster Science
  • Dr. Cheng Yu, Professor, Engineering Technology

Jim McNatt Institute Visiting Scholars

  • Dr. William 'Cliff' Baldwin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Information Systems, Stockton University
  • Dr. Matthew Rooney, Director of Economic Growth, George W. Bush Institute
  • Dr. Subhro Mitra, Associate Professor, School of Business, University of North Texas at Dallas
  • Dr. Yan Wan, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington

Brian Sauser, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Brian Sauser is the Director of the Lab and also serves as an Associate Professor of logistics in UNT’s College of Business. Before joining UNT, he held positions as an assistant professor with the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology; project specialist with ASRC Aerospace at NASA Kennedy Space Center; program administrator with the New Jersey — NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; and laboratory director with G.B. Tech Engineering at NASA Johnson Space Center. His research interest is in the management of complex systems. His research has resulted in changing the manner in which systems are evaluated and risk is assessed on complex defense systems. Additionally, he is a NASA Faculty Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, and an associate editor of the IEEE Systems Journal. Dr. Sauser earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, a master’s degree from Rutgers and The State University of New Jersey, and a doctorate from Stevens Institute of Technology.